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Our Launch Photo Shoot

Updated: Nov 11, 2017

Our launch photo shoot brought together some of the coolest, loveliest creatives in the wedding industry. We took to the Yorkshire moors to bring all of my witchy, bohemian dreams to life and we had a damn good day doing it.

Tim Dunk was my first port of call, he had photographed my own wedding a few months prior and I wouldn’t have wanted this inaugural shoot in anyone else’s hands, or seen through anyone else’s lense. Tim is such a nice guy, and he always manages to find the most perfect light. He’s a man of modesty and claims that he just stands and presses a button whilst everyone else does their thing, but he’s so much more than that - he’s got such a unique eye for a beautiful shot and I’m so glad that he got on board.

Our beauty team, Amy George (make up) and Emily Hawkes (hairstylist) were pure angels sent to help a sister out with their incredible skills, imagination and downright passion for what they do. I’ve worked with them both on two shoots now, and I really hope to get them involved on future projects too.

Amy is the kindest lady you might ever meet, and anyone who sits in her amazing chair is in for a treat. She uses the best products and has a passion for putting time into getting a perfect base (think amazing creams and potions for dreamy complexions) and then topping it all off with the coolest, on trend, yet timeless make up look that she really personalises to each face, style and setting.

Emily is a master of hair, she can perfect any style that’s thrown at her, and I was in awe of her skills. I picked some heather from the moors and within minutes Emily had created an incredibly Pinterest-worthy crown on the beautiful Elly’s head, and she turned Em’s incredible red locks into a fiery mane fit for casting love spells upon the moors.

Kirsty from River and Rose was the go-to for flowers for this shoot and boy did she deliver! She arrived with the most stunning bouquets that fit so perfectly with the brief- moody, natural and in colours that couldn’t have been more perfectly matched with their surroundings.

The Constellation collection was inspired by a world beyond our own- a celestial place that comes alive when two people’s souls connect, their worlds collide and they vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Constellations are stars that are connected and meet in the same place every night, as everything moves around them they don’t stir. The moon rises amidst the stars, and the sun sets to make way for this beautiful display.

We sourced the most beautiful, buttery sandwashed silk that drapes like a dream, especially when it’s cut on the bias as it is on the Celeste slip. A double layer of silk makes our gowns so flattering, as the inner layer sits close to your body, allowing the outer layer to sit smoothly. Each of our laces has been selected for its unique motif: modern botanical patterns sit alongside delicate florals. Each Kindling gown is comfortable to wear, with details that allow the wearer to feel like she can take on the world with her love, and then dance the night away. Dramatic bell sleeves, striking open backs, and statement making puddle trains are used to add a little drama to your day, and we hope you love our launch collection as much as we’ve loved creating it.

For the wild, the free, and the love-struck – welcome to Kindling Bridal xxx

Photographer: Tim Dunk -

MUA: Amy George -

Hair: Emily Hawkes -

Flowers: River & Rose -

Shoes: Florence -

models: Elly Lucas - & Emma Ross -

With special thanks to St Bartholomew West Scammonden & Dean Church, West Yorkshire


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