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If you're planning your wedding, chances are you've got a Pinterest Board (or ten!) dedicated to your vision, or maybe all of your visions (so.much.inspiration!) In fact, chances are, even if you aren't planning your wedding you probably have a wedding board or two anyway (no judgements here, I did!) 

As you can imagine, the fact that I chose to start a business in this wonderful industry would hint towards the fact that I LOVE all things weddings. So it will be no surprise that the Kindling Bridal Pinterest is filling up weekly with a heavy dose of inspiration for the Modern Wedding. everything from decor, styling, bridal hair & make up looks, honeymoon and venue ideas. 

It would be a shame to keep all of the good stuff to ourselves, so I thought I'd share a little bit with you. Whether you're feeling green or think colour is the way to go, here's some floral ideas in all of their varied glory...

Barely There Botanicals

Keep it green with an abundance of tropical Monstera leaves, bohemian eucalyptis branches or add some scent with a herb wall of rosemary and thyme.

This is a dream for the minimalist bride who wants a simple colour palette, and to keep the focus on other elements of the day.

It goes perfectly with contrasting white backdrops and hints of neutral hues in rugs, glassware and props. 

Flower Fields

For a riot of colour that makes it look like you rolled through a summer meadow before making your way to the aisle, think big blooms and contrasting colours.

It's nice to find which flowers grow locally to your venue and in the same season as your wedding date for this one, which is not only brownie points for the environment, but means your flowers will be totally individual to YOU - depending on where and what time of year you're getting married and what colours you choose to include! 

This floral mash up looks great teamed with vintage miss-matched glassware, imperfect pottery and home picked bluebells, ferns, and local herbs.

Muted Hues

Muted hues for a wedding have moved forward and are now a super modern way to add an ethereal element to your day.

From fairytale sized, sugar colour orchid bouquets a-la The Boutierre Girls to pampas grass of epic proportions, it seems that dusky hues are far from a washout for your wedding.

This style gives a serious nod towards it's antipodean originator's sunshine-rich climate, so it's guaranteed to bring some heat to your nuptials. 

What's your favourite floral style?

If you love any of these styles for your wedding, you may well love our dresses too, as they'd be a match made in heaven. See our full collection here and get in touch to book an appointment in our Yorkshire Showroom xxx

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