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Kindling Bride Jennie wearing her bespoke Gown, with husband Ben

Back in May I had the absolute pleasure of making a bespoke Gown for a dear friend, Jennie, when she married the lovely Ben in a beautifully personal wedding at her mum's house in Cheshire.

We worked together to create the most beautiful two piece gown using ivory botanical lace and Kindling Bridal's signature luxurious sandwashed silk in a fitted shape, which perfectly fitted Jennie's petite figure. The lace gown was a sheer layer with a floral motif neckline, which could be removed to reveal a classic fitted, low cut silk gown. Jennie took Ben and all of her guests by surprise when she appeared for her first dance, sans-lace gown, revealing a thoroughly modern and dance-worthy second look for the day.

Jennie wearing her bespoke Kindling Bridal Gown

Jennie styled her gown with a Kindling Bridal cathedral length ivory veil which had hand embroidered pearls around the edging, which she wore with a beautiful thistle hair clip.

The joy of making a wedding dress for a friend means I get to go to the wedding and see her wearing it first hand, and oh! What a wedding it was! Such a beautiful day, filled with DIY elements which made it truly personal and unique. From the intimate outdoor ceremony in her mum's back garden, to the magical woodland walkway leading through to the incredible marquee reception, it was exactly how a wedding should be - all about the LOVE between two beautiful humans, a true celebration!

Please enjoy the selection of images of Jennie & Ben's beautiful wedding below, and get in touch to arrange a visit to the Kindling Bridal showroom to find your own dream wedding dress.

Love, Kerri xx

Dress & Veil: Kindling Bridal

Garter: Kindling Bridal

Photography: Lottie Topping Photography

I asked Jennie some questions to find out more about the ins and outs of planning a wedding:

When/where did you get engaged?

We got engaged at London Bridge station which doesn’t automatically sound romantic but to us it was kind of our portal to each other for the start of our relationship. At every opportunity I would make my way to that station to meet Ben off the train or hop on a train to get to him. 

We had all our best mates around us and it was honestly the biggest surprise of my life. We partied all night and then in the morning we flew out to Cuba, another surprise I will never forget. 

What did you most + least enjoy about planning your wedding?


Thrifting and crafting - looking back now this would have been 100% easier to source and buy, but our whole wedding was really hand made. It was in a field at my mums house, we sculpted a woodland walk I made all the decorations, invitations, the lot and it felt so good to say it was truly unique for us. 


We didn’t follow a lot of the old traditions of a wedding and sadly some people felt a little in a tizz about that. But everything finds a way of ironing out I think it’s important to stick to what you feel the people that love you will always understand in the end.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

My favourite part was the bit I dreaded the most... walking down the aisle. I was so scared at the thought of all eyes on me, it gave me real nerves in the run up. But on the day it honestly felt like a dream I didn’t even feel like anyone was there as soppy as that must sound it felt really intimate and a little bit magic. 

How did you find your dress, and how did you know it was 'the one'?

It’s not my best personality trait but I’m a bit over the top about detail. I had dragged my poor mum to bridal shops all over, but could never find one dress with everything I was looking for. I met with Kerri who basically shared my attention to detail but with much more style and talent. I told her all the jumbled aspects I had in my mind and she created the best thing I've ever had the pleasure to put on.

Favourite part about wedding dress shopping?

I didn’t actually enjoy the first set of dress shopping as I felt a little bit out of my depth but the whole process of having a bespoke dress made by Kerri felt organic, it was fun and light hearted and usually involved bubbles. 

Least favourite part about wedding dress shopping?

It was really just in my head but I felt a bit embarrassed I suppose, a bit like a Cinderella dress up.

Any tips for current brides to be?

It’s the best day of your life for a whole load of reasons, and they are probably not the ones you are stressing over. Stick what you feel is right for you and the hub and everything will slot into place. 


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