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As far as dreamy countryside weddings go, it doesn't get much better than Beth & Simon's beautiful Yorkshire wedding. As an outdoors loving, adventure-seeking couple, they were bound to have a beautifully relaxed, love-filled celebration with some epic scenery (check out their Instagram @vwt6vanlife to see their amazing trips in their beloved campervan!)

Their ceremony was held at the very beautiful Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags, which is just up the road from the Kindling Bridal Studio. I may be biased, being their neighbour and all, but it really is the most stunning wedding location - it's a wonderful old mill surrounded by an enchanting woodland. Beth's step mum's hobby is very conveniently some very on-trend macrame, and she created the most incredible macrame hanging to hang on a wooden archway for their ceremony, which was topped off with an equally incredible floral explosion created by the very talented Rachel at The Yorkshire Flower Patch, who also created Beth's very pretty flower crown.

Beth went for the Aquarius Gown in Ecru/Ivory colourway which is a perfect blend of modern bohemian and classic for her laid back approach to her big day. The double layer of sandwashed silk lining, and the light stretch in the botanical lace allows brides to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to dance, which was perfect for her. She styled it to perfection with her enviable long blonde hair and pared back make-up look, which were both done by Jenn Edwards & Co. Her delicate flower crown was teamed up with her huge, peony-filled bouquet and a simple, raw edged Kindling Bridal ivory tulle veil.

The surrounding area of Hardcastle Crags was a perfect back drop for Simon & Beth's wedding photos, and it was the perfect spot for Beth to channel some seriously cool Kate Bush vibes, my gosh isn't she a beauty!

From their ceremony at Gibson Mill, they then went on to The Arches at Dean Clough in Halifax for the Reception. It's a stunning, industrial space which makes for a perfect blank canvas to add your own touches, but is also just as wonderful left to let the bare brick walls, beautiful beams and huge windows do the talking.

Beth & Simon planned an absolute dream wedding, all whilst managing to keep it authentically personal to their own style, and keep it all about what's important to them. Beth answered some questions below, with her tips and advice for any fellow bride's-to-be who might want to recreate something similar:-

- When/where did you get engaged?:

We got engaged in April 2017 in the back of a campervan in New Zealand. It was my 30th birthday and we were at the very bottom of the South Island in a place called Curio Bay. We'd had a fantastic day exploring the South coast and had just returned from a walk on the beach when Simon started to behave a little stranger than usual! He poured me a glass of champagne and asked me to sit in the front of the van while he 'prepared a birthday surprise' for me... !? I obliged managing to hide my concern pretty well. Obviously a campervan is a pretty confined space so I could hear lots of rustling and crashing around... at the point where I started to smell burning I thought I'd ask what was going on and if everything was ok! He asked me to come through to the back of the van but 'I had to keep my eyes closed!' Finally I was allowed to open my eyes... he had filled the van with candles (which thankfully explained the burning smell!) and fairy lights. The candles spelled out the words Marry Me! When I turned round he was on one knee with a ring. He asked me to marry him and I said yes! We spent the rest of the evening drinking champagne and Skyping family - most of which already knew! It was perfect. 

- What did you most + least enjoy about planning your wedding?:

Not going to lie, I found the planning quite stressful at times! But this was mainly at the research stage. For me this was probably the hardest as there are so many talented suppliers out there but who may not necessarily be the right fit for your style/taste/budget etc. When you find the right suppliers who get your ‘vibe’ things get so much easier and become a lot more enjoyable! Working with your own little team to bring all your ideas and plans together was a pretty special experience.

Least favourite… I don’t really miss all the endless spreadsheets, lists and budget planning - they were a bit of a buzz kill at times!

- What was your favourite part of your wedding day?:

I literally loved every single second of the day from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning to the moment I went to sleep. It’s impossible to pick a favourite...! Cliché , but it really was the best day of my life.

- How did you find your dress, and how did you know it was 'the one'?:

I had seen Kerri’s Constellation Collection when it launched and remembered thinking how beautiful and original it was. I loved the different silhouettes, fabrics and the inspiration behind the collection - I’m a sucker for anything astrology based! It was important to us to support local suppliers where possible for the wedding so the timing of Kerri opening her studio along with everything else felt a bit like fate. I went along to the appointment with a favourite dress in mind (I’m talking to you Stellar) and totally surprised myself by going for something completely different. For me the way the dress felt was one of the most important things. I thought stories of brides knowing that the dress was ‘the one’ when they tried it on was a myth but it turns out it’s not! Taking along people who you trust and know will tell you the truth was a massive help!

- Favourite part about wedding dress shopping?

I love the whole vibe of the Kindling studio. Its super chilled and instantly puts you at ease. There’s so much light, it smells nice, the tunes are fab and the fizz is chilled - what more could you ask for!? Personally having a capsule collection where each style offers a completely different look allowed me to experiment without getting overwhelmed by too much choice. I wanted to customise a few details on my dress to suit my shape and taste - Kerri is so open to bringing your ideas to life, she is literally a dream to work with. Her skills with pattern cutting and alterations are just as good as her design skills so the end result is something really special.

- Least favourite part about wedding dress shopping?

The thought of it! I think the thought of it can be really overwhelming. I did a lot of research online to see what was out there and everything I saw just really didn’t feel like me at all. The thought of large bridal boutiques with hundreds of dress options literally filled me with dread! Everyone kept telling me I should really put a plan B in place just in case I didn’t find anything at Kindling Bridal (as if!) It was the only appointment I ended up making - when you know you know!

- Any tips for current brides to be?:

Go with your heart and be authentic to your own style and taste. I think it’s so easy to get swayed and overwhelmed by the huge amount of options out there and other people’s opinions - which people seem to have more of where weddings are concerned! The wedding should reflect you as a couple, list the most important things to you both and keep them at the top of the priority list. Don’t sweat the small stuff and know you will never be able to please absolutely everybody. No matter how much you plan and prep, not every single detail will go exactly to plan on the day but trust me when I say you will be having way too much fun to care! Enjoy every single second xx

photographer: Mark Newton Weddings

Dress & Veil: Kindling Bridal

Hair & Make-up: Jenn Edwards & Co

Ceremony Venue : Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

Reception Venue: The Arches at Dean Clough

Flowers: The Yorkshire Flower Patch


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